Sport Luxe Activewear


Back in the late 80s, early 90s, activewear became the trend of the era, but then fashion changes and the once popular baggy silhouette were no longer "cool" so we moved on to newer things. However, since commercial fashion hasn't come up with any new trends in the past decade, history have been just reinventing from the olds, and so fashion bounds to make its comebacks.

Fashion shoot from Vogue 2012

Fashionable Sportswear is one of the most prominent trends in recent years that has derived and evolved from the 80s/90s sport trend; remember Tommy jeans, polo shirts and leg warmers, they were not costumes but real clothing trends once! As we entered a new generation of fashion, certain styles evolved and became new categories. 

Sport Luxe has been slowly coming to shape and since built up its following due to the latest craze/crave of fitness/healthier lifestyle (so long sugar and junk food), it's now a staple category and also one of the most profitable line for many brands.

I was first introduced to sportluxe by early player Stella McCartney when she launched her crossover with Adidas in 2004. Although Honor mention goes to Dirk Bikkembergs being one of the first to create sport couture.

Stella McCartney designs with innovative technology in mind, inventing with new material making her sportwears light, airy and strong at the same time. Not to mention the distinctive, futuristic and feminine design using extraordinary pastel colour combinations, it was love at first sight! I simply cannot think of anything better than this, because I am finally able to wear longlasting, functional high end fashion design that don't really go out of style, it's useful and you get to wear them often. 

It was also the first time I saw woven fabric sneakers from any brands, as someone who is a U.S. size 14 and has wide feet, I have found my "double happiness"! 

Since the fashion industry sees the success of Stella Mccartney x Adidas, many sport brands created crossover collection with top designers for sportwears - McQueen x Puma 2006, Nike x rick Owen, Nike x Sacai, etc. 

Then, in the past few years, many luxury sportwear brands spring up. I cannot get enough of these brands and I follow many on instagram. This category is mixing sexy, cool and atheletic together for the 20th century humans.


What excites me more is that nowadays there are indie brands out there making it available for bigger girls, too. Below are the brands caters to the stylish sporty girls.

Adidas launched stellasport in 2015, a more affordable version of Stella x Adidas and it carry some styles in XL.

Ashley Graham wearing Luca Hugh's size XL leggings

This jumpsuit comes in size 10-28!

Be honest, fashionable sportswear is a really hugh motivation for me, I have always complaint about old fashion gym clothes, they are not flattering at all! Now as I know if I invest into these sportswear, I can also wear them out as casual wear and looking stylish all the time, I wouldn't mind joining the other fitness pals and make it a lifestyle for me. It's chic, comfortable, good for both my health and my looks! No reason to say no. 

What do you think about these product? Will you want to join me too?