Santa Rosa Fatkini vs Triangl Bikini

I saw today on Monif C's website that these new bikinis are up and I am kind of happy and sad at the same time. Why? I am happy because finally I get to wear this "Poppy" style shown above in my size, but then I am sad that it is almost exactly the same design as the brand Triangl which has already made their wave early last year. I have higher hopes in plus size brands that one day they have their own originality and that even straight size designers would admire our style. Although, I have learned that nothing is original nowadays, but there are ways to "Steal like an artist" instead.

I first saw this bikini style last summer and thought to myself, wow so lovely and cute, I wish they had it in my size (as usual), so automatically I go online and search for the brand. While doing research I also find that they are based in Hong Kong, which further induce the complication of my feelings because it is so close yet so far to reach! Do you know how many times I have thoughts in my head of me asking various designers/ brands if they can make their clothes in my size? I even asked Triangl on their live chat once again today just to make sure, if they were able to make my size but the answer is of course no.

If we were all for body diversity, then Triangl would have made hundreds of thousand more bucks if not million last year, seeing plus size girls like me can also dip our feet in it, in return they can also dip into the 17.5billion plus size clothing business, am I right?
But then I guess maybe the designers wouldn't want to have bigger girls wearing their design, so does Kendell Jenner and Miley Cyrus, so of course the swimsuit goes up to size 10.

The original bikini was made in neoprene material selling at USD89 a set, it looks so gorgeous and cartoonish. Neoprene is also a very good material on all bodytype as it's stretchy without binding on your curves too tightly, it is supportive and sooth any lines so it creates a "perfect" silhoutte for every size. But then again, no point talking about it since it's only up to size 10.

Whilst on the other hand Monif C's Santa Rosa is made in nylon fabric supported by "power mesh"; the set cost over US100 but I can see the fabric is not following the curves right, which is to me the most important aspect to check when decide to purchase something as a plus size girl, especially buying online.

So after comparing the original dreamy poppy neoprene bikini with the nylon meshy fatkini, I decided that I am going for neither and stick to my one cup size too small but supportive black padded bikini, until I find the next perfect bikini in my size.

Taken at my last trip in Koh Samui

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