New Discover on Plus size Clothing in Hong Kong

I was doing my usual Sunday window shopping with my mom in Causeway Bay the other day, and discovered a couple of new stores on Percival Street / Leighton Street (look for Lee Theatre Plaza on the Map, it is next to Times Square). If you are walking along the tramway towards Happy Valley, you will find a few eateries and shops on the left, Uniqlo shop entrance and a bunch of luxury brands on the right.

Sincere Department Store

It's amazing how my mom spotted the new location of the Sincere store right away and I couldn't even tell that it's a store front with just the escalator going up to the 2nd floor. Perhaps the scaffolds around have distracted me.

Going up to the 2nd floor of the department store, my first impression is that the shop is fairly small with narrow corridors, then I realised it's just how they have sectioned their place. Almost instantly you are in front of the area where they carry all the women's casual wear.

I checked a few items and was a bit excited already as I saw a pair of EU44/US12-14 jeans on the counter. I immediately search through the whole place and learned that they carry size up to EU48/US16-18! I am so happy as I get to write about it and also update my list of stores where you can find all the plus size clothes in Hong Kong :)

And I am also very glad as I go through their collection, although Sincere is a well known known store for mature ladies, it seems that their new direction is to introduce the European chic into their market. Most of the clothing are European brands and are Made in Italy, which carry up to EU48. Price range is from around  EUR48/US60/HK500 a top, EUR65/US85/HKD700 a pair of pants. Sales in store are frequent so I am sure you can find decent items with reasonable price most of the time. Enjoy!

List of brands

Check their website here for more info.
 A Land - Korean trendy fashion store

A land in Korea

This Hong Kong Island branch locates on the 2/F of Lee Theatre Plaza, A land is one of my favorite place to go to for accessories. I have recently bought this pair of suspenders which I couldn't stop wearing.

They carry both men and women's wear targeting young people so most of the clothes are in free (small-medium) size so too small for me, but they do have a large selection of accessories from hair bobbles to wigs to bags and shoes, and they also have a vintage section selling 2nd clothes and handbags. I can easily spend an hour or so there and it's definitely worth going to check out.

Hope there will be more and more places to blog about for plus size girls in Hong Kong in 2014!