My random thoughts : Justin Bieber and Cyberbully

Are we cyber bullying Justin Bieber? If so, we better stop doing it. It's not nice.

I am not a fan of this guy but hey it's not nice to do that to anyone, isn't it?

Yeah, I will be honest that I really dislike him, reasons below.

He is one of those typical cases when a person got too famous as teen, they feel like they are the only ones having massive pressure in life, that they deserve more respect than other just because they are famous, hence being an irresponsible twat about it.

Well, as once a rebel myself, it's definitely not the best way to grow up let me tell you. Adults also have their own problems and issues to solve, so being this rebellious, most parents would just slowly give up and let you deal with yourself. However, most of us also don't understand that teenage brains are wired differently, and the consequence of what will come his/her way was not the priority in these parents mind anyhow.

Growing up as a rebel is also not worth it. So for someone this famous whom is a public figure, he should be the opposite, not the shitty person he is now. I hate that he is being a bad example for the teenagers nowadays, of the ones who worship or idolise him, these kids probably think his rebellious acts were cool and imitate. So, he is young and doesn't know better.

This come to the point that I hate his manager or parents or whomever close to him don't do something about his obnoxious behaviour, or that his manager really just let him lose to get publicity. It's all money and greed, the ugliness of this world.

To sum up, I hate everything he brings to the table. 

But hey, it's not okay to bully or cyber bully people.

As a plus size person, I was being bullied everyday as a young kid, then when I enter the work force, it got worse, as I was bullied by all sorts of people.

Until one day, I think I have had enough. I have had enough tough times, I have also had enough of myself and the way I handle these bullies. I have gained enough experience in life that I realise I don't have to be a victim if I stand up for myself. I can show them what I can do to change their way of thinking. Even not with all, I can still minimise the damage no matter what, I can held my head up high and I can sleep at night.

I understand as a fat person, many bully me as they judge me by my appearance, they think fat people are lazy and indulgent. But I proved them wrong. I work hard and I learn fast, I solve problems and I got away from it. I refuse to be a victim.

Nobody told me how to deal with bullies and I fought for myself. However, this is not the case for many. Young adults need to be educated and trained, they need guidance and a boost of their own confidence so that they don't need to bully others to get that satisfaction. We, as adults, are also doing it, we have not changed. But being all negative about what we disapprove of others, will not help the society, and helping the society is a responsibility as an adult.

If we don't want our kids to bully or be bullied, we have to stop bullying Justin Bieber or anyone else publicly.

We have to stop the hating and say something constructive!