Lena Dunham first Vogue cover - what does it mean to us?

It means, it is proven that you can do anything if you are a determined person with a passion in life and a goal in your mind. You can be who you want to be, and be comfortable doing it. Body image issue is for the insecure ones and it's one of the major reasons why we are not moving forward in life.

Who says you cannot be the cover of Vogue US being a "plus size" woman(although she is only a 12US at most and a lot of high fashion brands go up to that but Anna already see it as obesity)?
If you are not the gen x, y and the millennials, you probably will be dissing her, like what does she even do(but on the other hand, you have no idea what has she done too)?

I am so glad that this is happening, some people just don't understand how much this world is changing its shape in 2014! This post is telling you and me, that we don't have to be a size 0 to be on the cover of the most influencial magazine in the fashion world.  This cover is telling you and me, that you can be in any shapes or sizes, and be great.

Just because society says no does it mean it will not happen and you shouldn't even think about it? Well no, and yes you can! If you are a talented writer who is the voice of thousands if not millions of teenagers/ young adults / kidults of nowadays; if you are so influential and Inspiring like Lena Dunham, then the chance is you might get your first cover at age 27. Yes, she is one with all the connection one needs, to get in to the Showbiz, but then you really need to be able to express the "unexpressable" of the young generation to be her. Everyone is talking about her being photoshopped by Vogue, and here is her graceful response.

              "Some shit is just too ridiculous to engage. Let's use our energy wisely, 2014."

See, what you have to do is, not to response. To all the bullies and things that don't really concern you, don't waste your breath on them. :)

I have always admire people who can write and express themselves even of the most complicated situation as a young adult, hence I love coming of age movies, which is the best era in life. The 10 years when you are still figuring out who you are and who you want to be. Things happen in there may seem unimportant, however, it shapes who we become.

The younger generations nowadays are going through a lot of complex emotions in their daily life and they struggle hard for an identity. With the rich heir/heiress, the 30 under 30s, advance technology and smart devices leading on, it really makes a lot of people feel lost and think they are nobody with no self worth. But one thing I learn as I grow older is, I am sure if you have a passion about something, on or offline, just don't give up. Persistent can get you where you want to be. It might take 3,5 or even 10 years. But if you don't give up, one day you will be there. I have also learned that, being persistent about what you do is not the hardest, it is finding out what you want to do and who you are, can already takes up 10 years in life. So, when you are still young, spend some time to explore and do different things, get out of your comfort zone. Why? Below screen shot from Girls explains it all.

If you still don't know what I am talking about, you can watch her first film Tiny furniture on youtube.

Well now you know that I am a huge Lena Dunham Fan.