Plus Size Styling - My outfit of that day

I don't always upload my ootd post here right away. The best way to see them would be to join me at my Instagram where i post almost daily, of "stuff".

Here is a recap of some of previous ootd post


Top - Autograph Denim Shirt
Bottom - Zara Pleather shorts
Shoes - Forever 21 cut out oxford
Accessories - Topshop Silver colour Necklace , My breakfast/brunch at Bricklane TST


Top - DIY Crop Black Tee from Ladies market
Bottom - HM High Waist Skirt
Shoes - Mossimo booty heels
Accessories - Row Navy Blue Velvet Headband


Top+Bottom - Topshop Jumpsuit
Shoes - Pedder Red
Accessories - Desigual Graffiti Tote


I go to Matilda hospital almost every October to attend their Sedan Chair Race for Charity. It has become our family tradition as I have been going to this since I was 14,15 years old. It combines hiking, going up to the peak and a big meal in one morning.

Top - Limited Edition Black Tee
Bottom - No brand Silky Cargo pants
Shoes - MnS Sandals
Accessories - Tom Ford "Inspired" Sunglasses and Gap Tote


I love my roof top, it has been providing a private place for my ootd shoots done by my bf / my plastic chair stand

Top/Bottom - Topshop Playsuit
Shoes - MnS
Accessories - Juicy Couture charm


 I love white and I love wearing shirts but I don't usually wear any of them as I
Top / Bottom - Autograph White Dress
Shoes - Autograph Wedges
Accessories - Vintage purse with chain bought in Palermo, Italy


2013 outfit
Top - Limited Edition Black Tee
Bottom - River Island Skirt - tartan x houndstooth
Shoes - EQ:IQ
Accessories - No brand Necklace
Totes - No Brand


2012 outfit

Top - I "woman" nude Sweater 
River island skirt
Dr.Marten Boots