Fashion, Beauty, Makeup, Makeover

What is your first thought when reading these words?

Are you very fond of these things?
Do you think all of the things above are just shallow and superficial? And should we value less of these things in life but instead do more that are meaningful? Why and why not?

I am constantly asking myself this question. A part of me like beautiful things, clothes, shoes, handbags, anything that is beautiful and give me pleasure by just looking at them, like when I go to a modern art museum. Every month I keep telling myself not to buy stuff and try to save up, and every month I would fail. I cannot help but go into my favorite fashion stores to try on new clothes; pieces that flatter my figure, different style that makes life interesting. And going shopping with my mother is almost all I do every Sunday. It gives me and and her much joy, things to talk about and it bonds us like best friends.

On the other hand, I keep worrying for our environment, our mother earth, that consumerism is ruining the nature everyday. We buy clothes that we wear for one season, the next season they sit in the wardrobe and then it comes the following year, where they are being kept in the closet until we throw them away or if better go to charity. Shoes, bags, everything the same. With Fast fashion retail everywhere, and a limit budge every month, it's really hard not to create so much garbage unless we stop consuming. I feel so guilty while thinking about this.

Today, I watched this video which makes me really happy and emotional for a while. I found a solid prove that appearance matters, in a good way.

Who would have thought, focusing on the beauty on the outside could actually help cancer patience forget about their illness for once? They have probably been feeling ugly and self concious for a very long time due to their illness or chemo therapy, and the production house which made this really did a great job. The smile on their face after they saw how they look in the mirror for the first time, really makes me very emotional. You can call it superficial or whatever you want, but I know these smiles are real.

My thoughts then lead me back to us plus size women, we are always being seen as the unhealthy ones, who are lazy and don't do anything about our health. Well I would say everyone has their own story so I am not going to comment on this. Just like you can't say a woman is very skinny and just assume she is not healthy. And I urge you to start today, no matter what size you are, treat yourself better, pamper your skin, wear some pretty clothes, put on some make up and get a fresh new look. You never know how good it could make you feel and how much confidence it could give you.

P.S not related thoughts - Nowadays, I get so bored hearing still the same thing from straight size people like Marie Kang trying to prove that they are better. Be honest, if you have to constantly prove that you are right, then you probably are one of the unhealthy one. Whenever I hear or read things like this, I will quickly shift my mind back to the beautiful things I see and forget about them.

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  1. Well, I don’t think it’s being superficial. For me, it’s a matter of being comfortable with what I'm wearing. Surely, most women want to look beautiful on anything that they do. And if elegant clothes or fancy cosmetics and accessories can give her all that pleasure, then they deserve to have even a little pampering.

    Derek Osborne @ Pure Love Boutique


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