Boohoo Plus - Another high street plus size fashion brand

Boohoo Plus has "soft" launched this week, with currently 36 items available in UK Size 16-24 (US14-22).

Not sure if they will come up with some better designs later on when it's fully launched, but judging by what's on offer right now, it seems to be yet another line made by companies who just want to jump on the plus size money making bandwagon like A&F ( that's obviously my opinion).

Here is my pick out of the 36 items. If you are looking for a trendy item with a small budget, this is good enough. Price wise, very affordable, this skirt is only 15 pounds (USD25 appx)

However, Why am I saying it's just yet another company trying to make some bucks out of the plus size women? Well below are 2 examples.

To Boohoo plus please have some styling for the plus size clothings?
You can totally see the difference between the image above with the same model in the Tartan skirt and these two outfits. This model has transformed from a sexy kitten to a middle age woman who is apparently wearing whatever she can find in a store that is in her size. If I were to look for such item, there are plenty of sites / malls where I can easily grab hold of one of these. So why bother to try a new brand? Sounds a bit harsh you say? All I am trying to say is, if you want to make a name in the plus size fashion world, it's time to make a difference. In fact, it is the best time to launch a trendy line so all of us would rush over to your site and give you our money like what they are doing with Asos curves.

Fingers cross Boohoo is saving the best pieces for official launch!


P.S couple of weeks after I wrote this, I saw an ad from UK brand Pink Clover, having the identical dresses as on boohoo plus. So who outsource to whom now? I believe the answer is obvious.
My opinion (again) Please have some character of your own!

Styling here is obviously much better ;)