Rick Owen RTW SS2014 : Review from a plus size busty woman

Again big noise that roam the "cool kids" fashion world and the plus size world all in one go.
Edgy fashion designers using plus size women as models on runway. Yay! To the marketing team of Rick Owen's.

Not so much for the plus size women actually.

Out of the whole collection of 40 looks, I can pick around 5 that we might look good in if we style them down with some soft fabrics. Yes, they mentioned that one of the purposes for having a step group and their performance is to show how flexible women could be, in these clothing even though they are all made of leather and hard material, and I do have to admit that we are missing some pieces like this in the plus size fashion world that really could make things more modern and fashionable, but I absolutely agree with one of the readers on style.com who said, "As relieved as I am to see real women on the catwalk, particularly women of color I think the designs were unflattering to a curvy woman. Clothes riding up, cut in the wrong places. You can't design for a woman with curves the way you can for a size 2. Their breasts were flattened like pancakes. Which, if you talk to any woman above a C cup and over a size 12 is a common woe. 

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. This collection was not genius. If anything, it showed off Owens' weakness as a designer. Which is, he only designs for one type of figure. This wasn't empowering, it was insulting. "

You know what really would benefits both worlds? 

If there were, finally, one of these talented designers, for example, Stella McCartney or Erdem (who made the gorgeous dress for Lena Dunham to wear at the MET GALA) coming out with a collection exclusively and custom build for plus size women. Design that would make slim girls jealous, like how every time I drool watching a NYFW fashion show. Most importantly, design approved by Anna. How about Oprah sponsoring it, huh Oprah? would you do it for your fellow African American women? Would you? Until that day, I won't be so proud and fond of these High end fashion shows that use plus size models. 

By the way this is the most hideous outfit I can imagine myself or any plus size women, or even just non slim person putting on.... you would make me look like a fat nun.

If you want to check out the dance, you can go straight to http://www.rickowens.eu/