10 Sentences That Can Change Your Perspective On Life

Sometimes you do see good positive posts on 9gag, and this is one of them.

Out of all 10 of the photos, I am particularly moved by this photo above because I have been saying and trying to move out of Hong Kong for many years, and it has not changed since in the back of my mind.
However, in the recent few years things have changed; I am getting older, I am too used to the lifestyle in Hong Kong- the convenience I get living here. As I get more comfortable with life, with myself and certainly with my body size, it got me thinking that I should just stay where I am from, make a name out of it, instead of going somewhere (else) I belong.

Being a plus size blogger in Hong Kong is such a niche, at the moment, there are only 3 companies that are really selling plus size clothing here (Marks and Spencer UK6-22, Top Shop UK6-16 and Eplus in Apita 1XL-4XL), also I am yet to meet another plus size blogger. There will never be any new collection review, plus size bloggers event, brand promotion campaign etc, specifically for me to write about. So whatever I write, they would be things happening in the US, UK, Australia or Europe, it is quite hard I would say!

So maybe what the photo says - "Go where you're celebrated not where you're tolerated" is a sign? or it's really what I needed to hear since this has always been my gut feeling, that I should migrate somewhere asap so I can be happy?

I have been bullied as a fat person. I get looks from most people when I walk down the street, and I get all sorts of wrong attention anywhere I go( I still get that nowadays). The young, insecure and sensitive me thinks everyone wanted to make fun of me because they hated me.

But you know what I have learned throughout all these years?

1. Not everyone care about you, they don't have you in their head all day, and you are less important than you think you are. So stop thinking about what other people thinks about you and get on with your life.

2. Not all attentions are bad as some might actually be good - some might admiring you for you being you, so don't take them all to heart. If you get compliments, simply thank that person, if it's a mean energy, you might have something they don't to cause that jealousy. They say, "when do you see a hater doing better than you?" Do your best as you for yourself and ignore the rest.

3. If you stop caring or thinking what other people thinks about you, you can finally just be yourself and do what you want, carefree. And all sorts of opportunities will come to you.

4.Do what you love with all you could for the sake of what you love, not for validation or success.

5.If you are not happy here, you are not happy anywhere. Happiness comes from within.

6. Make changes to welcome changes, you won't get different results doing the same thing you have been doing for your whole life.

7. Be grateful of what you have and use what you have in you, stop complaining about what you don't have. No one can have it all.

8. Show gratitude and care for your family, the ones you love and the ones who care for you.

9. Apart from work, don't take things too seriously, just go with the flow when you are in a crowd. If it gets too complicated,decide for yourself if you would rather be alone or be patience with others.

10. Last but most importantly, think ahead for your future but treasure what you have NOW.

There you go, I have learned pretty much all these in the past few years and this is why I am a much happier person than I used to be, I am not that insecure and sensitive girl anymore and I care a lot less about what others think about me.
I feel that my life is changing little by little, and it's certainly in the right direction.
After all, I am already an mature woman who knows her things, right? XD

Coming back to my plus size rant, there are hundreds of brands out there now in the plus size fashion world, lets see how I try to make a hub out of it on the internet, for I am a Netizen than anything else.
Watch this space for a world united plus size fashion directory in the making, and hopefully one day I get to travel around the world to different plus size events!

Xo B