Plus size Outfit of the day

I am a lazy blogger. I only blog when I feel like it, certainly not a business woman in that aspect. But don't you think styling is like an art and that artists don't paint all the time or create everyday? They only do it when they have that rush of feeling. Well I have the feeling of an artist then, and this is one of those morning for me.

When I first go on instagram about a year ago, I set a goal for myself that I have to collect a decent amount of followers in a year, but in the past year I have actually just been enjoying being an instagramer instead of a plus size blogger. I enjoy the interaction between me and the plus size community. These girls I talk to have became my virtual friends, as I see what they do, what they eat, what they have achieved in the past year and I would like to meet a lot of them in real life and be real friends one day (btw I need instagram to have a feature that i can choose my top 10 friends so i can constantly be fed by their feeds).

I just woke up, looking rather grumpy!
Shirt from Monki and it's a XS don't know why. Belt: forgot. Skirt from Cotton on and shoes from Mossimo.