Diesel reboot campaign is using a plus size figure

The #DieselReboot campaign was published last week in paper and it has caused quite a stir among some of us. Well, more like just me and a few I guess because my friends who know that I am a plus size advocate start tagging me in their post and of course I could not put my mind to rest about this image. Are they going to launch a plus size line? Are they going to increase the sizes? Are they at least having a one-off collection for plus size fashionistas so they can live a short term fantasy? The fantasy that well known fashion brands have finally accepted us as if we are a "family"? 

Athis very moment, the world of plus size fashion have grown so much so fast that I almost don't have to care about the straight size anymore. However, it is still very unusual that, a "cool" fashion brand like Diesel would use a plus size girl as their model/public figure. Well, no wonder they are calling it a reboot then! I do thank them for not being biased about non model size girls for the first time. It actually is promoting body diversity to the public and it is helping a lot so I really appreciate it.

After pushing and pushing for someone to hear my thoughts for a few days. I have finally gotten a reply from Christopher Kutsela @Cjkut * on Instagram and here it is.

Don't you get excited just hearing this? Er...actually no. Here is my response, yes I was a bit upset because my dream is now shattered but nonetheless starstrucked (?) 

And yes I have decided to be a b*tch about it and I mean every single word I said.

The model herself - @bee_rosemarie_calderon is not responding to anything, perhaps under contract/agreement or simply don't care, so I will leave the little girl at that, but you can find her on instagram.

*Information about the creator of the campaign.

Nicola Formechetti - well known king of styling since he is Lady Gaga's stylist. Who's also the artistic and creative director of Diesel. On the side it's his partner Christopher Kutlesa ( I dont exactly know how much he is involved in the execution but Rosemarie Calderon is apparently a choice of his for the campaign).

The campaign is about being you being unique and what inspires you. Well, are you inspired now? I am a little bit inspired but also wonder if she was actually wearing that diesel leather jacket just on her shoulder.