A little history

There was a time in my life that I was very unhealthy. I thought being thin would make me happy, and by not eating enough for a long time I have lost a lot of weight. Obviously I was using the wrong method.

What was sad is everyone was giving compliments on the result. People would comment on how slim I have gotten to be and how great I look. I have even started to have more attention from the boys. I guess all these "good feelings" keeps me going on but it doesn't take long before I started to get sick; both physically and mentally. I would hide the fact that I wasn't eating all day and I'd go to the gym all the time. Little do they know, eventually I was in hospital for 2 weeks fighting an infection I had, mainly due to my weak body.

I have determined not to go so extreme again. Of course the weight crept back up slowly, but as you can see I am so much happier now than I was then because I have come to accepting myself for being who I am - No matter how I look, it doesn't change who I am inside.

I often feel so insignificant and I am absolutely amazed when I learn about the nature; how life is formed, how the earth is formed and how big the universe is. I don't even want to go on about what science can do to shape out future and it's already happening. Therefore, life is too short to just focus on appearance or what other thinks about how you look, it is very important to spread your energy into gaining knowledge in every aspects, work hard, be kind and to love your family and true friends.

For the ones out there trying your whole life to be what the society thinks you should be - give that up and focus on your own core happiness, it's a long long journey but we will get there.


  1. I would like to say, that I commend you for being outspoken and tell us Asian girls that it's okay to embrace your size, and be confident about it. I am so sick of how people would come to me and say wow for a fat person you're beautiful , I'm beautiful period regardless of my skin colour and size. Thank you very much. But with people like you and us we are beginning to change and be able to embrace our gorgeous selfs again thank you!

    1. I certainly hope we can change this especially in the mindset of asian girls by action, thank you for your kind word! x


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