Fat and Fabulous

I have mentioned #honormycurves movement in my previous Instagram post that, because of this movement and the founder Honorine's influence, many have come out of their shells and start celebrating who they are. It is truly wonderful and amazing.

Recently a friend of mine said to me casually " I saw your Instagram, I see you have become more fashionable and I like it", that struck me because, how come a friend whom I meet quite often could not tell about this identity I have/desire? I have always been fashionable but without showing myself when I don't have to. It's because I almost feel embarrassed when I do so, I am not used to compliments. Maybe because I don't believe in them, and because I am constantly comparing myself with others that are "better than me". Even with this blog, I never really put my own photos up because I was afraid of criticism, I was afraid that I am "bothering" people with my photos when I share them on my facebook page, as I am not a stick thin model they would normally want to see.

I have come to realisation that I really should start treating myself nicer and give myself more credit, and I have been trying to step out of my comfort zone. Now I realised some women are not bitchy but are really just trying to get what they want no matter what, and on the side I am all the time trying to nice and go with what others would feel comfortable with, and then calling myself a victim of society.

Well, anyway, With this new found power called courage, I am slowly moving forward.

In the morning, I thought to myself, I am going to work in an industrial area, being in the office by myself that no one is going to visit. BUT I still feel like being fabulous. So I have put on a cheetah print dress so loud I don't normally wear, pairing with my new knee high boots, and I am rocking the look no matter how over the top it is. Today, instead of just sharing my passion for fashion, I am starting my real fashion blogger's life by putting myself out there and post my own photos up. No matter what people think, they don't harm me because I am just being my true self and no one can tell me who I should be. Mom included.


  1. Looking Stylish and hot. Thanks for sharing x


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