Local Scene

As a Hong Konger, I don't see this place I live as a fashion city, it certainly cannot be compared to New York, Paris or London as only a small percentage of people would care much of what they wear, how they present themselves and also the styles are not as diverse. But as a city of luxury goods with China tourists spending $4.6 billion here each year, it does get a lot of attention from International Designers. Hell yeah people here also pay too much attention at the big names - take local fashion bloggers (there are only a few of them who you have probably heard of), you read one blog, it already represents all they are going to say.  Plus There are only so many fashion events per month you can blog about. Moreover, if they don't blog about the local brands, who's going to sponsor all the fancy items they carry around with them? What we need to see is style; people having their own style and not just putting brand names all over themselves. 

It's almost like a robotic equation;

1.Find a thin/fit person, not as attractive as a celeb, not as good as a model but better looking than usual. 
2.Put what's popular at the moment on that person.
3.Throw in some expensive accessories.
4. Not much make-up (almost like they don't know how to put on their own make-up)


The only person/ group I see are making a difference is Ruby Bloom /  La-D-Da. They celebrate fashion and individuality. Afterall, this is what fashion is about. It is about how we express ourselves through fashion. It's an attitude towards life and this is a manifesto of #iwearever. Some might say, they are more Japanese style. Could be, however, they are still representing different voices in Hong Kong.

and I would like to see more of this.