Winter 12' - Tweed and Houndstooth

Being one of the very few or maybe the only plus size fashion blogger in Hong Kong, I won't be doing the trends others are doing. There are plenty of fashion bloggers here reporting for the same events from the few stores in town. Sometimes I am curious so I will go take a peek and learn a thing or two from the popular fashion world and you can find those on my Instagram.

With Zana Bayne at FNO Hong Kong
A big girl blogging in this "small" city, it's definitely not easy to write about what's going on here. I often have no resources; events or product launch to report, nor designers or brands to review, and the plus size clothings offered in Hong Kong are pretty plain. The information I have are always from the US and UK so I will always be talking about trends in the west.

Anyhoo, as an individual, it's essential to have my own style and ways to find fashion, and not necessarily Int'l household names. Moreover, it is not recommended for curvy girls to follow the world trend as most styles are not easy to carry with our plump figures. So I become the master of creating my own style.

Although I use polyvore to make the template, but in reality, these items are not that hard to find.
  • Leather Jacket - look for a Biker vest that is snugged to your body and add tweed sleeves cutoffs from old jackets in export shops.
  • Wool Sweater - Any vintage store.
  • Leather Skirt (pleats for tall, pencil shape for short girls) - Also any vintage store, they often have bigger size for alteration.
  • Ash Heeled Sneakers - They can be found at Lane Crawford with size up to 41.
  • Wool Knitted Tights - Marks and Spencer 
  • Gold Whistle with Chain - Splurge: Stella McCartney Save: DIY spray paint Plastic Whistle, add chain.

Tweed and Houndstooth