Plus size styling guide Vol.1: Prints

Many young women living in Hong Kong feels the pressure of looking chic and stylish all the time to keep up with the rest of the crowd. Here is a styling guide to plus size curvy girls, who are young and don't want to be resembled as older/mature/ looks like your mom or grandma.

First and most important lesson: Flower Power, prints, patterned clothings

You are in your 20s or early 30s. You are single and looking for the love of your life. So, why do you wear clothes that makes people think you are married/had your first born/way too mature for a single guy's liking? The clothes below are meant for older women, not girls in their 20s, early 30s.

She has to stand still and look poised

We must be very careful when choosing flower print or any patterned fabric as they make us look 5+ years older than our age. Also not to be missed that you might not look exactly like the models here; their hair are styled by hairdressers, they have nicely done make-up and they are accessorised; most of all they are just standing their for the shoot. They are not sitting down or walking to reveal any lumps hence they look perfect.I personally do not recommend any clothes with prints as they are complicated to style and hard to carry without full on styling.

She only looks nice in that dress because of all the styling and make up and photography. 

However, life is boring if you only wear plain colour outfits, so how to choose the right dress with patterns?

Simple Basic Rules

1. Colour: DO NOT pick any patterns with dull and dark colours such as Burgundy, Black, Navy as major colour.

Of course you would say, "but dark colour makes me look slimmer!" Who cares? We are big and proud and we don't need to hide our size. Dark colour unless just plain, makes us look much older! We also don't want to draw all the attention to the clothing itself. Dark X patterns only works on stylish prints.

Black x Old fashion pattern
Horrible pattern that screams LOOK AT ME!
Lame Black x pattern

2. Pattern: Pick a modern, young patterns - Comics, small colourful flowers, abstract graphics.
Choose something that doesn't expand/exaggerate the visual of the clothing itself but confuse the vision so people look at you as a whole instead of focusing on the pattern on the clothing.

Peter Pilotto offers size UK14

3. Make up: Do put on some make up to create the total look.

I always wonder why some girls would care about how they dress but never care about putting make up on. We don't always look our best, and when we want to wear a glamorous patterned dress or a maxi, we have to put some make up on!

Now go on and try million of dresses at a store and find out what suits you. :)