Plus Size Brand Review - Clements Ribeiro for Evans AW12

Evan's new AW12 Collection - Swan by Clements Ribeiro is coming soon, but judging by the photos, I recommend that you DO NOT follow the trend.

Let's take a look at the model they use in their last collection,  some tall plus size supermodel and all doll up. So I guess the clothes are also to cater girls this shape?

This is exactly what I was mentioning in my last post, about how not to wear prints as they are definitely not something flattering for plus size girls.

Let's have a read : Interview with the designers [from Evan's]

What did you learn from the Swan collection and what, if anything, have you done differently? We have improved on the materials which are of higher quality, more tactile and sensual. We also upped the glamour factor as our pieces inevitably come with a higher price point. We also perfected shapes and gained more confidence. As a result the collection is stronger and closer to the fashion zeitgeist. 

I hope this is really what they are trying to do, but what I see from the collection at the Blogger event, the quality of clothes and the textiles used are not exactly impressive. These girls are just simply having fun with their fellow bloggers.

The quality of clothes and the textiles used are not exactly impressive. 

Prints and material used are very different than designers' own collection and becomes mediocre.
Clements Ribeiro creates amazing style and prints but only for slender body shapes. If we  have to put the same or similar prints on us plus size girls, it will only makes us look hideous. 
Let's put it this way, Evans is a brand aiming clients in the late 30s +.

My advice is  choose the style that suits you but not blindly follow the trend just because we get excited about a designer collaboration.


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